DIY File Cabinet Makeover

May 27, 2016
DIY File Cabinet Makeover

This DIY File Cabinet Makeover is so simple and the result looks amazing. I loved the drastic transformation from an old outdated office file cabinet to an upscale custom furniture piece. I’ve always hated the way this file cabinet looked but after my recent  home office makeover, it was definitely time to do something about this problem. I’ve seen many file cabinet makeovers on Pinterest and I happened to have everything I needed on hand so it was off to the garage for another DIY project.

DIY File Cabinet Makeover

DIY File Cabinet Makeover Instructions:

Start by removing the hardware (button, handle and any other hardware you may have on yours). It’s a good idea to take pictures of how everything is connected in the back so later when you are putting your hardware back on you’re not totally confused.


DIY File Cabinet Makeover

DIY File Cabinet Makeover


Then you’ll want to sand the file cabinet lightly so you can create a nice clean and even surface for your primer. I used my go-to Kilz Primer for this project because I loved how well it worked when I used it for my fireplace DIY project.


Fireplace before and after


After I let the primer dry, I went over it with two coats of white paint (I had some white paint left over from my fireplace project as well). To paint, I just used a 9″ roller. When the paint dries, you won’t see any streaks from the roller.


DIY File Cabinet Makeover


Line your paint tray with some foil like I did and simply peel it off and throw it out when you’re done painting for super easy and quick clean up.


DIY File Cabinet Makeover


While your paint is drying, spray paint all the hardware (I used Rust-olem Metallic Gold for mine, the same gold I used for all the accessories in my office).

Once the paint has dried, put your hardware back where it belongs. Next you’ll need to find two picture frames laying around your house that you don’t use (come on, I know you have some… we all do) and secure them to your file cabinet using Gorilla Wood Glue. I tried lots of different glues and found that this one works best. The best way to glue the picture frames on and let them dry/set is by removing the drawers and setting them on their backs so the front of the drawer is facing up. This way you can place your frame where you want it and let it dry for a few hours. If your glue leaks, simply wipe it off with a wet paper towel.

And that’s it! I love using things I have laying around the house and re-purposing them. This project didn’t cost me anything since I had everything on hand already but even if you have to buy everything, the most this project will cost you is just about $20!


DIY Home Office Makeover


If you have a file cabinet standing around that is just an eye sore, I hope you get to try out this easy DIY File Cabinet Makeover and see what a huge difference it will make. I love my file cabinet now! It is such a cute accessory and fits in so well in my new and improved office space! And check out my latest blog post on how I got these super sharp crisp lines in my office with my easy paint hack and how you can makeover your home office as well.




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DIY File Cabinet Makeover

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