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Easy DIY Home Office Makeover w/ Paint Hack!

May 20, 2016
DIY Home Office Makeover

This DIY home office makeover was conceived on a whim in one of my  “I need to change things up right now” moods. I was perfectly content with how my office looked and then, all of a sudden, I hated it and wanted a change NOW. I talked about this little obsession I have in my post last week when I shared with you 8 Practical Tips For Fabulous Home Decor. Instead of following my own advice and changing up the pillows or flowers in my room, however, I decided to go big. I needed a bigger change than just flowers. So, I decided to re-paint the room. I know for a lot of you this may seem like a major home renovation project, but I am so used to painting every room in my house, that this was just a little side project. Thanks to my little paint hack below, this DIY home office makeover only took a few hours of hands-on time and I could not be happier with the result. The stripes add so much character and the black really makes it look so bold and daring.


DIY Home Office Makeover

The DIY Home Office Makeover & Awesome Paint Hack:

I’ve painted a lot of stripes in my day (some call it an obsession) but this has been the EASIEST way of doing it so far. I’ve tried it all; looked up so many different tutorials, hacks, and different methods for painting stripes. But unfortunately, they all have failed me and have been a pain in the butt to work with. With the taping method, I tried all the different brands (yes, the frog tape too!) but the paint always leaks. I wanted a really bold, sharp, crisp line without having to do it by hand (because that would just take forever and I’m not sure I have that much of a steady hand). Also, because I was using black paint for the stripes, I knew that if I had any paint leaks, it would be close to impossible to correct. So, while at Wal-Mart (NOT where I usually pick up my paint) the mood suddenly struck me and I ventured over to the paint section to pick up my paint ($15/gallon) and any other supplies I might need. Desperate to find another way to paint my stripes, I asked an associate for any tools or tips and tricks she’d recommend for this project and I am so grateful that I did. She recommended an edger tool to make the straight lines I needed for the stripes. This little tool changed my life! At only $12, it is worth every dime! And it’s not only convenient for stripes, but literally for any paint job you do. It’s technically intended for all the edges (like corners, moldings, ceilings, etc.) but I just happened to love it for the stripes.


DIY Home Office Makeover


First you want to decide how many stripes you want, how thick you want them (mine were 13″), and then draw an outline. There are many different ways you can do the outline but the way I did it was just the old school pencil and ruler way. I’m sure there’s much easier ways to do this but I’m no painting pro. 

Then, skip all the taping (the worst part of any painting job!) and go straight for the paint! First I used a 3″ roller to paint the middle, and then used the edger tool to make those sharp, crisp lines. Be sure to work in sections because if the paint dries, it will leave streaks. I ended up doing two coats of paint (that’s why it took two days) because I used black paint and didn’t want any streaks but you may not have to if you are using a different color.

Using this edger made this DIY Office Makeover job such a breeze, I loved the outcome, and it made the cleanup so much easier. If you are considering taking on a painting job, DON’T DO IT WITHOUT THIS TOOL!


DIY Home Office Makeover


Once the paint was dried, I added some black curtains ($10 at ikea!) to the windows for more added flair and drama. I decided to remove the white shelf since it stood out like a sore thumb against the black stripes and since I wasn’t using it much, I figured I wouldn’t miss it too much either. I was right. I also repurposed one of my old end tables that wasn’t being used and thought it fit in nicely in this space. That brought this DIY Home Office Makeover project to a total of $37 out of pocket expense. Not bad if you ask me….

Oh, and you may have noticed that my ugly old file cabinet all of a sudden isn’t so ugly anymore… but that DIY is on next week’s post so stay tuned to find out how you can repurpose and give YOUR file cabinet a facelift for just a couple bucks!

DIY Home Office Makeover

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DIY Home Office Makeover

DIY Home Office Makeover

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