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Magical White Bean Soup With Parmesan And Prosciutto

The recipe for this white bean soup comes from the first book we read in our book club— Bread And Wine (by Shauna Niequist). The “Magical White Bean Soup” chapter really stood out to me because she talked about how important it is to meet people…

March 7, 2016
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How To Make Restaurant Worthy Filet Mignon (On A Budget)

Restaurant worthy filet mignon…on a budget. Those two phrases sound pretty unbelievable when put together, but it is possible! If you love steak (and love to cook), chances are, you’ve tried to re-create some of your favorite restaurant recipes. I still remember the first…

February 12, 2016
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The Perfect Salmon With Garlic Honey Bourbon Glaze

When cooked right, salmon is tender, full of flavor, buttery, and absolutely delicious. It’s a great fish to serve for dinner when you’re tired of the same old chicken or beef, and is perfect if you’re looking to make a fancier or special occasion…

January 22, 2016
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Easy Chocolate Lava Cake (only 5 ingredients!)

So you say you can’t bake? Too Difficult? Too many steps and ingredients? I’m about to change your mind. This easy chocolate lava cake is SO easy to make and there are only 5 ingredients! THAT’S IT! I’ll bet you have these items in your pantry…

November 4, 2015