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7 Ways To Be A Better Host

I still remember being a little girl and watching my MomΒ bustle around the house preparing for guests. There was always something delicious cooking…and always a big batch so that everyone would have plenty to eat. I also remember the excitement of having people stop…

November 13, 2015
Birthday Parties Parties

DIY Airplane Birthday Party

This has been an eventful week for me, to say the least. Two birthday parties, two dinner parties, a football game, book club, and community group. All but two were at our home. I am exhausted, but had an incredible week. So let’s talk…

November 5, 2015
Dinner Parties Parties

Progressive Dinner Party

Our first party post just so happens to be one of my favorite kinds of parties! A progressive dinner party is like a dinner party, wholesale nba jerseys but more. More courses, more warm homes visited, more tables full of food, more delicious beverages,…

November 4, 2015