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DIY Airplane Birthday Party

November 5, 2015

This has been an eventful week for me, to say the least. Two birthday parties, two dinner parties, a football game, book club, and community group. All but two were at our home. I am exhausted, but had an incredible week. So let’s talk about the first and most important party of the week: Jaiden’s 2nd Airplane Birthday Party! Yay!! Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe my little boy is growing up so fast.


Deciding on a theme was hard because I liked so many of them! I ended up combining a couple different ideas, like I usually do, but ultimately settled on an airplane themed birthday party. There were vintage airplanes, paper airplanes, globes, maps, and balloons to decorate with. I went along the lines of “Time Flies” and “The Places You’ll Go”. They both seemed fitting with the airplanes and globes.

Airplane Birthday Party

Jaiden couldn’t wait for his guests to arrive to start eating.



I love creatingΒ labels for party decor! They are so easy to make, cost you close to nothing, and you can really personalize a party with them. I used the same image throughout all the printouts I made to make it cohesive. This one was under the desserts and read “Baggage Claim” indicating where guests could drop off the gifts.


Airplane Birthday Party DSC_0028

The food table was decorated with framed signs, pallets, globes, airplanes, bottles with paper straws for the kids to fill up with “jet fuel” (sparkling water mixed with cranberry raspberry juice to give it the red color of actual jet fuel) and a vintage world map banner. I couldn’t find any banners in stores that I really liked, so I got some vintage map craft paper at Hobby Lobby (for just $0.59/piece!) I cut out triangle flags and punched two holes on top to string the twine through and that was it! All the labels under the food read “Complimentary _____” to imitate the “in flight service”.Airplane Birthday Party

The mantle was decoratedΒ with photos of Jaiden from the past year that were attached to a string of twine with red clothespins. I picked up some letter stickers at Target and spelled out “Time Flies” over the mantle with some paper airplanes flying above it. And then the huge red balloons. These were Jaiden’s favorite. He loves balloons to begin with, but these were on a whole different level. I got the balloons at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a piece and got them filled that morning at Safeway for $8/each. Totally worth it, besides the huge hassle of trying to fit these into my car under the pouring rain!


The birthday boy enjoying pizza; his favorite food.

Airplane Birthday Party

Jay with the cake I made for him. The top tier was white chocolate lemon with cream cheese frosting and raspberry filling and the bottom tier was a Ukrainian cake with layers of chocolate, poppy seed, and walnuts filled with a dulce de leche buttercream. Yum.

Because of how busy this week was for us, we decided to do his party on his actual birthday. It was a perfectly crazy and fun Thursday evening filled with all of Jaiden’s baby friends, their mommies, delicious food, and warm chatter. The evening came to an end after Jaiden opened up all of his presents. The kids got to break them in and take them for a test drive.

It was a wonderfully eventful and memorable week and now I am ready for a couple days in the city with just my girls, some shopping, laughing, eating and relaxing. Stay tuned to hear all about our trip next week!



DIY Airplane party


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  • Reply Olya Shem November 10, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Ir! This is so cute, good job on all the decor! Can’t believe JJ is 2 already! Love the idea of using pictures as decorations. Might do that with my J this year. What is the name of the Russian cake, if its not top secret? Is it the Black Prince? And will there be a recipe to follow?

    • Reply Irina November 10, 2015 at 9:54 pm

      Hi Olya! Thanks so much! The pictures are such an easy decoration piece and also tell a great story about the birthday boy. The cake is Korloveskiy and the recipe will follow shortly! Thanks for asking!

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