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Progressive Dinner Party

November 4, 2015

Our first party post just so happens to be one of my favorite kinds of parties! A progressive dinner party is like a dinner party, wholesale nba jerseys but more. More courses, more warm homes visited, more tables full of food, more delicious beverages, more variety, and more time spent with friends. Each course is served at a different home and guests can carpool from house to house as the dinner progresses!

The first step is to decide on a theme. This will help generate ideas and help make it feel like a cohesive dinner. Then, choose how many courses you’d like to have (depending on the number of people participating and wanting to host). Each course is served at a different home, so the cooking The and cleaning effort is divided up. You can also wholesale nba jerseys invite people to bring a component of the course such as bread, beverages, or a salad, so they can participate without hosting.

Our theme was October Formal to celebrate the wholesale mlb jerseys fall season and get a chance to dress up! We had four courses in four different homes with a total of six families participating. Most of us were able wholesale nfl jerseys to get babysitters so we could stay out later, but we’ve done this before with kids too.


Course No. 1 (Appetizers)

Our first course was casual appetizers and drinks. The hostess served warm bacon-wrapped dates, artisanal crackers and cheese, pumpkin chips with fresh mango salsa, and spicy ginger ale. The place had a charmingly spooky decor theme with a photo wall and props for us to use for some fun photos!DSC_0291FullSizeRender-2

Course No. 2 (Soup & Salad)

After about an hour of mingling and snacking we headed over to the next house for our soup and salad course. The home had a cozy feel with warm fall colors, flickering candles, and a huge table for everyone to gather around. We enjoyed a spicy, sweet roasted squash and carrot soup and a refreshing green salad with home made vinaigrette, goat cheese, red onion, cranberries, and walnuts. Warm crusty bread was a perfect accompaniment to the soup and salad.DSC_0306DSC_0320

Course No. 3 (Entrée)

When we arrived for the entrée course, my house was filled with the aroma of fresh herbs, garlic, and something delicious roasting in the oven. I served a rosemary & thyme beef roast with a d?ch rich red wine and shallot cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and roasted rainbow carrots with pearl onions. DSC_0322DSC_0364

Course No. 4 (Dessert)

The drive over to vs. our last house for dessert gave us a much needed break from eating. Once we all got there and saw the ramekins going into the oven for chocolate lava cakes, we were Chocolate more than ready for dessert! The classy set up and molten chocolate lava cakes paired with just a dollop of fresh whipped cream were a perfect finish to our meal! We lingered cheap mlb jerseys around Salba the table to share a few toasts and things that we were grateful for.DSC_0410DSC_0865edit

Both our stomachs and our hearts were full at the end of the evening as we headed home. Everyone agreed that we need to do this more often. Maybe Began… a progressive dinner for each of the four seasons? I sense a new tradition in the making!



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  • Reply Z-S February 16, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Thank you so much for all of your ideas such as dinner parties, how to be a better host, and etc. I am starting to improve myself in it. Since fist time I have read your post, I always have appetizers such as salsa / hummus, pitta chips and chips. If guests are coming hungry they have what to drink and eat.
    Plus, I don’t like when my kitchen looks like tornado have passed when guests arriving. lol. Now I am cleaning right after myself as I go. This eliminates mountains of dishes in the sink.

    • Reply Yuli February 17, 2016 at 1:57 pm

      That’s so sweet! You sound like an amazing hostess– any house with snacks is a great place to be haha!

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